Day: April 20, 2021

RTM Telemovie : MADU

RTM Telemovie mADU MADU – Elaboration Last year, Bolt Studio produced a telefilm named “MADU” which was directed¬† by Pribade Abdullah and based on the story by Amir Arshad. “MADU” have been released on television channels on TV Okey on 2nd of June 2020. MADU VFX – Breakdown This is the VFX breakdown for […]

MDEC : Modul Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi

Motion Graphic MDEC : modul Teknologi Maklumat dan komunikasi MDEC : Modul Teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi – Elaboration In 2020, Bolt Studio created graphic designs and animation videos about Information of Technology and Communication module for high school students. Each video explains the knowledge in each subjects. MDEC : Modul Teknologi Maklumat Dan Komunikasi […]

MDEC : Empowering Women in Cyber Risk Management

Corporate Video MDEC : Empowering Women in Cyber Risk Management MDEC : Empowering Women In Cyber Risk Management – Elaboration Bolt Studio made a corporate video about empowering women in a cyber risk management. Video have done with interviewing the Director of NACSA, CEO of FIRMUS and few participants of this programme.¬† MDEC : […]


EMAN Asks PETRONAS GHRM : En Mazuin PETRONAS GHRM : En Mazuin – Elaboration An interview have been done with Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy En. Mazuin Ismail. He explained about daily routine in his life and gave useful advices. PETRONAS GHRM : En Mazuin – Breakdown Below have shown some of the best […]

RTM Telemovie : Al Fatihah

RTM Telemovie Al-Fatihah Al Fatihah Telemovie – Elaboration “Al Fatihah” is a telemovie produced by Bolt Studio and directed by Pribade Abdullah. The original story by Amir Arshad and written by Bolt Studio. Al Fatihah VFX Project – Breakdown Video below shows the VFX projects that have been used in some scenes for this […]

Maggi : Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku

Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku Maggi Advertising Maggi VFX Project – Elaboration Maggi VFX Project – Breakdown Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam augue diam, blandit ut velit sed, luctus pellentesque magna. Pellentesque sodales ante ante, eu suscipit orci maximus sit amet. Vivamus nisi enim, condimentum eu ex non, varius finibus risus. Fusce […]