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Wonder Woman Enchanteur KOL 2022

Advertising, OFFLINE EDITING WONDER WOMAN PERFUME LIMITED EDITION BY ENCHANTEUR The Wonder Woman perfume promotion video by Enchanteur is edited by Bolt Studio that aims to entice and engage viewers. The video showcases the exclusivity of this limited-edition perfume while highlighting its two distinct variations: Queen of Courage and Fighter of Love. This perfume represents […]

VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC

ADVERTISING VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC Bolt Studio collaborates with Luuminous Production to introduce Daikin’s new product with an awe-inspiring commercial, unveiling the extraordinary features and exceptional cooling abilities of their next-generation air conditioners. The VFX breakdown reveals the behind-the-scenes magic that brings this advertisement to life, highlighting the key visual effects used throughout […]


VFX, MOTION GRAPHIC KOKO CRUNCH COMMERCIAL Bolt Studio created a commercial visual for Koko Crunch. The project aims to promote the brand’s delicious and nutritious breakfast cereal through eye-catching visuals and dynamic animations. We used a mix of graphic design, animation, and visual effects to create a compelling visual story. MOTION GRAPHIC UCAPAN RAYA MDEC […]


GRAPHIC DESIGN, 2D ANIMATION MDEC GO-ECOMMERCE CREATIVE 2D Animation Trailer, Game Development 2D ANIMATION VIDEO Benefits of Go-eCommerceeUsahawan MicroeUsahawan SiswaPeDASPeDAS Enabling Growth Previous Next Highlights INFOGRAPHICS BANNER

PHILIPS Iron (China) Advertisement

Advertising Video PHILIPS Iron Bolt Studio have made an advertising video for PHILIPS iron. PHILIPS Iron – Breakdown Video below shows the breakdown in the making of this advertising video. Most of the scenes using Green Screen VFX. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below show the best shots taken from the video. […]

Maggi : Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku

Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku Maggi Advertising Breakdown FX Highlights Production Pictures Maggi Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku

RTM : Misi Kemerdekaan

2D Animation RTM – Misi Kemerdekaan Bolt Studio have created 2D animation video project in conjunction of Independence Day titled Misi Kemerdekaan. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below shows some of the best shots taken from the video. misi kemerdekaan

Lively Tea 2021

Commercial Animated Video Lively Tea 2021 This year, Bolt Studio have created videos and gifs of drinking water commercial Lively Tea. The videos are Lively Billboard and the gifs are Lively Amobee. Lively Tea comes with 3 unique flavours which are Orange & Guarana, Raspberry & Lemon Balm and Pear & Schisandra. FX Highlights […]

Daikin CNY 2021

The Extraordinary Family Daikin CNY 2021 Earlier this year, Bolt Studio have made a VFX project for Daikin, also known as Japanese multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company. This project is made in conjunction of Chinese New Year. Daikin VFX Project – Breakdown Video below shows on how the VFX have been made in some scenes […]