Category: Motion Graphic

MDEC : Microbit

Video for RBT Training Modules – Yr 5 & Yr 6 MDEC : Microbit MDEC : Microbit – Elaboration Bolt Studio created a video for RBT training modules for year 5 and 6 students. The host in this video is Alina Amir and she will explain how to create the animals by programming microbit. […]

Video Pedophilia Yaysan Pembangunan Keluarga Darul Takzim

public service announcement Pedophilia Pedophilia – Elaboration Bolt Studio have made a video about public service announcement. The announcement is about Pedophilia. This video explained the dangers of pedophilia crimes. Pedophilia – Breakdown Video below shows the breakdown of FX and animation made for this infographic video. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures […]

MDEC : Internet Of Things

Motion Graphic Tutorial Video MDEC – Internet Of Things MDEC IOT – Elaboration In fall of 2020, Bolt Studio have created several videos of IOT (Internet of Things) for RBT subjects of Form 1-3 students. MDEC IOT – Breakdown Below shows the graphic designs and animation that have been made for the videos. […]

MDEC E-Invoicing

Explainer Video MDEC E-Invoicing MDEC E-Invoicing Project – Elaboration Bolt Studio produced video from the project given by MDEC that explained about Electronic Invoicing, also known as e-Invoicing. This video explains about the advantages of e-Invoicing. MDEC E-Invoicing Project – Breakdown Viideo below shows the breakdown in the making of of the FX and […]

E-Bekal Manual Video

Manual Video E-Bekal E-Bekal Manual Video – Elaboration In 2020, Bolt Studio have produced E-Bekal Manual Video in collaboration with a professional motion graphic artist, Udeen Majid. This video explained about how to use E-Bekal application on smartphones. E-Bekal Manual Video – Breakdown Below shows the breakdown in the making of this video. […]

PETRONAS Ergonomic

2D Aniamtion Explainer Video PETRONAS Ergonomic PETRONAS Ergonomic – Elaboration Bolt Studio have created infographic video about Petronas Ergonomic. Ergonomic is the science of fitting the job and work to the workers’ needs. Aim- to increase the productivity and efficiency and also to reduce the illnesses. PETRONAS Ergonomic Project – Breakdown Video below shows […]