Category: Motion Graphic

EDOTCO | The Pulse

corporate video EDOTCO | THE PULSE Bolt Studio helped create a launching video for EDOTCO’s PULSE which showcases the company’s commitment to driving positive change and creating sustainable impact in the communities where it operates. Highlights The pictures below highlight some of the spectacular shots and effects from Bolt Studio’s corporate video EDOTCO Group […]


VFX, MOTION GRAPHIC KOKO CRUNCH COMMERCIAL Bolt Studio created a commercial visual for Koko Crunch. The project aims to promote the brand’s delicious and nutritious breakfast cereal through eye-catching visuals and dynamic animations. We used a mix of graphic design, animation, and visual effects to create a compelling visual story. MOTION GRAPHIC UCAPAN RAYA MDEC […]


Explainer Video, 2D animation PETRONAS: MYCAREERX olt Studio’s expertise in creating visually compelling videos was utilized to produce an engaging and informative explainer video that effectively communicates the significance of MyCareerX for Petronas talent.

MDEC : Microbit

Video for RBT Training Modules – Yr 5 & Yr 6 MDEC : Microbit Bolt Studio created a video for RBT training modules for year 5 and 6 students. The host in this video is Alina Amir and she will explain how to create the animals by programming microbit. FX Highlights Production Pictures […]

Video Pedophilia Yaysan Pembangunan Keluarga Darul Takzim

public service announcement Pedophilia Bolt Studio have made a video about public service announcement. The announcement is about Pedophilia. This video explained the dangers of pedophilia crimes. Character design Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below shows the screenshots of the best scenes from the video and character designs in the making of this video. […]

MDEC : Internet Of Things

Motion Graphic Tutorial Video MDEC – Internet Of Things In fall of 2020, Bolt Studio have created several videos of IOT (Internet of Things) for RBT subjects of Form 1-3 students.  Trailer – Apa itu iot? projek iot 2: sistem pengairan pintar modul aplikasi: matematik Animation Highlights Pictures Pictures below shows some of the […]

MDEC E-Invoicing

Explainer Video MDEC E-Invoicing Bolt Studio produced video from the project given by MDEC that explained about Electronic Invoicing, also known as e-Invoicing. This video explains about the advantages of e-Invoicing. FX Highlights Production Pictures These are the screenshots of the best FX scenes in this video.  MDEC E-Invoicing

E-Bekal Manual Video

Manual Video E-Bekal In 2020, Bolt Studio have produced E-Bekal Manual Video in collaboration with a professional motion graphic artist, Udeen Majid. This video explained about how to use E-Bekal application on smartphones. Motion graphic, animation FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below shows the screenshots in the making of this infographic video. E-bekal […]

PETRONAS Ergonomic

2D Animation Explainer Video PETRONAS Ergonomic Bolt Studio have created an infographic video about Petronas Ergonomic. Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job and work to the workers’ needs. Aim to increase productivity and efficiency and also to reduce illnesses. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below shows the screenshots during in the […]