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MDEC : Cyber100

Corporate Video MDEC – Cyber100 2020 Cyber100 Corporate Video – Elaboration Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam augue diam, blandit ut velit sed, luctus pellentesque magna. Pellentesque sodales ante ante, eu suscipit orci maximus sit amet. Vivamus nisi enim, condimentum eu ex non, varius finibus risus. Fusce pretium. Cyber100 Corporate Video – […]

MDEC : Malaysia Week

VFX Montage Video MDEC Malaysia Week 2020 Malaysia Week 2020 VFX Project – Elaboration In 2020, Bolt Studio made VFX for Malaysia Week Project. This video shows the VFX that have been made at the KL Tower. Malaysia Week 2020 VFX Project – Breakdown Video shows the breakdown of Malaysia Week 2020 VFX Project. […]

RTM : Misi Kemerdekaan

2D Animation RTM – Misi Kemerdekaan RTM – Misi Kemerdekaan Project – Elaboration Bolt Studio have created 2D animation video project in conjunction of Independence Day titled Misi Kemerdekaan. RTM – Misi Kemerdekaan Project – Breakdown Video below shows the breakdown in the making of this 2d animation video. FX Highlights Production […]

MDEC E-Invoicing

Explainer Video MDEC E-Invoicing MDEC E-Invoicing Project – Elaboration Bolt Studio produced video from the project given by MDEC that explained about Electronic Invoicing, also known as e-Invoicing. This video explains about the advantages of e-Invoicing. MDEC E-Invoicing Project – Breakdown Viideo below shows the breakdown in the making of of the FX and […]

E-Bekal Manual Video

Manual Video E-Bekal E-Bekal Manual Video – Elaboration In 2020, Bolt Studio have produced E-Bekal Manual Video in collaboration with a professional motion graphic artist, Udeen Majid. This video explained about how to use E-Bekal application on smartphones. E-Bekal Manual Video – Breakdown Below shows the breakdown in the making of this video. […]

PETRONAS Ergonomic

2D Aniamtion Explainer Video PETRONAS Ergonomic PETRONAS Ergonomic – Elaboration Bolt Studio have created infographic video about Petronas Ergonomic. Ergonomic is the science of fitting the job and work to the workers’ needs. Aim- to increase the productivity and efficiency and also to reduce the illnesses. PETRONAS Ergonomic Project – Breakdown Video below shows […]

Lively Tea 2021

Commercial Animated Video Lively Tea 2021 Lively Tea Project – Elaboration This year, Bolt Studio have created videos and gifs of drinking water commercial Lively Tea. The videos are Lively Billboard and the gifs are Lively Amobee. Lively Tea comes with 3 unique flavours which are Orange & Guarana, Raspberry & Lemon Balm and Pear […]

Jabatan Laut Malaysia (JLM) 2020

Corporate Video Jabatan Laut Malaysia 2020 JLM Corporate Video – Elaboration Recently, Bolt Studio have created the corporate video of JLM (Jabatan Laut Malaysia). JLM plays a very important role to contribute for the country infrastructure. The mission and vision of JLM is to spur national maritime growth with quality, with the motto, Safer Ships, […]

Daikin CNY 2021

The Extraordinary Family Daikin CNY 2021 Daikin VFX Project – Elaboration Earlier this year, Bolt Studio have made a VFX project for Daikin, also known as Japanese multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company. This project is made in conjunction of Chinese New Year. Daikin VFX Project – Breakdown Video below shows on how the VFX have […]