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VISUAL EFFECTS, ONLINE EDITING vfx: KUDETA 2022 “Kudeta” features captivating visual effects by Bolt Studio that enhance the storytelling and immerse viewers in the intense world of political intrigue. The series employs a variety of visual techniques to bring key moments to life and create a visually stunning experience. Additionally, the series employs visual effects […]


VFX, corporate video VIDEO KORPORAT LEMBAGA PELABUHAN JOHOR 2022 This corporate video for Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor (LPJ) in 2022 showcases their achievements and initiatives. It highlights LPJ’s commitment to digital transformation, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, collaborations, and employee development. The video emphasizes LPJ’s role as a leading port authority and its dedication to excellence, innovation, […]

VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC

ADVERTISING VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC Bolt Studio collaborates with Luuminous Production to introduce Daikin’s new product with an awe-inspiring commercial, unveiling the extraordinary features and exceptional cooling abilities of their next-generation air conditioners. The VFX breakdown reveals the behind-the-scenes magic that brings this advertisement to life, highlighting the key visual effects used throughout […]


VFX EX AKU PONTIANAK Bolt Studio worked on a few of VFX shots for the television series, Ex Aku Pontianak. The series follows a man who is haunted by a Pontianak, a female ghost from Southeast Asian folklore, after cheating on his girlfriend. As part of the project, Bolt Studio contributed to the creation of […]

RTM Telemovie : Al Fatihah

RTM Telemovie Al-Fatihah “Al Fatihah” is a telemovie produced by Bolt Studio and directed by Pribade Abdullah. The original story by Amir Arshad and written by Bolt Studio. VFX Breakdown Video below shows the VFX projects that have been used in some scenes for this telemovie. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures below […]

Maggi : Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku

Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku Maggi Advertising Breakdown FX Highlights Production Pictures Maggi Ada Apa Dengan Dapurku

RTM Telemovie : Penyiasat Viral

RTM Telemovie Penyiasat Viral In 2020, Bolt Studio produced telefilm “Penyiasat Viral”  which was directed by Wan Affendy and written by Bainun Waheeda starring Elizabeth Tan, Jaja Iliyes, Ken Ridzuan and Lia Natalia. “Penyiasat Viral” will be released on TV2 on 8th of May 2021. FX Highlights Production Pictures Pictures show the shooting […]

Jabatan Laut Malaysia (JLM) 2020

Corporate Video Jabatan Laut Malaysia 2020 Recently, Bolt Studio have created the corporate video of JLM (Jabatan Laut Malaysia). JLM plays a very important role to contribute for the country infrastructure. The mission and vision of JLM is to spur national maritime growth with quality, with the motto, Safer Ships, Secure Ports & Cleaner Seas. […]

Daikin CNY 2021

The Extraordinary Family Daikin CNY 2021 Earlier this year, Bolt Studio have made a VFX project for Daikin, also known as Japanese multinational air-conditioning manufacturing company. This project is made in conjunction of Chinese New Year. Daikin VFX Project – Breakdown Video below shows on how the VFX have been made in some scenes […]