Author: Faiz Bakar


corporate video SME DIGITAL CHAMPIONS 2022  The graphics for SME Digital Champions 2022 are designed by Bolt Studio to capture the spirit of the program, highlighting the digital transformation journeys of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. Bolt Studio also managed the whole production process from pre-production, production to post-production. The visuals aim to […]


VISUAL EFFECTS, ONLINE EDITING vfx: KUDETA 2022 “Kudeta” features captivating visual effects by Bolt Studio that enhance the storytelling and immerse viewers in the intense world of political intrigue. The series employs a variety of visual techniques to bring key moments to life and create a visually stunning experience. Additionally, the series employs visual effects […]


MOTION GRAPHIC MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY CONVOCATION 2022 The MMU Convocation 2022 motion graphic created by Bolt Studio is a true masterpiece that captures the essence of what the Multimedia University (MMU) Convocation represents. . With its captivating visuals and carefully curated soundtrack, the motion graphic takes viewers on a journey of excitement and anticipation that perfectly […]

Wonder Woman Enchanteur KOL 2022

Advertising, OFFLINE EDITING WONDER WOMAN PERFUME LIMITED EDITION BY ENCHANTEUR The Wonder Woman perfume promotion video by Enchanteur is edited by Bolt Studio that aims to entice and engage viewers. The video showcases the exclusivity of this limited-edition perfume while highlighting its two distinct variations: Queen of Courage and Fighter of Love. This perfume represents […]

EDOTCO | The Pulse

corporate video EDOTCO | THE PULSE Bolt Studio helped create a launching video for EDOTCO’s PULSE which showcases the company’s commitment to driving positive change and creating sustainable impact in the communities where it operates. Highlights The pictures below highlight some of the spectacular shots and effects from Bolt Studio’s corporate video EDOTCO Group […]

Content Creator Training 2022 with Sun Life

CREATIVE PRODIGY CONTENT CREATOR TRAINING A comprehensive training program conducted by Bolt Studio aims to equip aspiring content creators with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the digital landscape. The training syllabus curated by Bolt Studio focuses on mastering mobile videography, providing participants with the tools and techniques necessary to create compelling video content […]

Introducing DE Rantau, Malaysia’s Digital Nomad Programme

corporate video Introducing DE Rantau, Malaysia’s Digital Nomad Programme The corporate video of the DE Rantau program, part of the Malaysia Digital initiative, is a concise and compelling presentation that highlights the program’s goal of establishing Malaysia as the premier Digital Nomad Hub in the ASEAN region. The video showcases the program’s commitment to providing […]


VFX, corporate video VIDEO KORPORAT LEMBAGA PELABUHAN JOHOR 2022 This corporate video for Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor (LPJ) in 2022 showcases their achievements and initiatives. It highlights LPJ’s commitment to digital transformation, infrastructure development, environmental sustainability, collaborations, and employee development. The video emphasizes LPJ’s role as a leading port authority and its dedication to excellence, innovation, […]


corporate video PETRONAS: EMMA’S PERFECT MISSION This video showcases Petronas’ commitment to excellence in operations and highlights the role of “Emma’s Perfect Mission” in driving effective and sustainable practices within the company. The video begins by introducing the key concept of operation planning and its importance in achieving organizational goals. It highlights Petronas’ dedication to […]

VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC

ADVERTISING VFX: Daikin REVO Surround Cassette AC Bolt Studio collaborates with Luuminous Production to introduce Daikin’s new product with an awe-inspiring commercial, unveiling the extraordinary features and exceptional cooling abilities of their next-generation air conditioners. The VFX breakdown reveals the behind-the-scenes magic that brings this advertisement to life, highlighting the key visual effects used throughout […]