The MMU Convocation 2022 motion graphic created by Bolt Studio is a true masterpiece that captures the essence of what the Multimedia University (MMU) Convocation represents. . With its captivating visuals and carefully curated soundtrack, the motion graphic takes viewers on a journey of excitement and anticipation that perfectly encapsulates the joy and pride that graduates feel as they receive their degrees. The visuals seamlessly blend with upbeat music that builds excitement and sets the celebratory tone. The team had to make choices about everything from the color palette and typography to the transitions between scenes and the pace of the music. These artistic decisions had to be made with the target audience in mind, ensuring that the final product would resonate with MMU graduates and their families. By creating a visual journey that captures the essence of the convocation ceremony, they have produced a masterpiece that will be cherished by graduates, their families, and the wider MMU community for years to come.