A comprehensive training program conducted by Bolt Studio aims to equip aspiring content creators with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the digital landscape. The training syllabus curated by Bolt Studio focuses on mastering mobile videography, providing participants with the tools and techniques necessary to create compelling video content using their smartphones. Recognizing the increasing prevalence of mobile devices as primary content creation tools, the training emphasizes leveraging the capabilities of smartphones to produce high-quality videos. 

Participants also delve into the fundamentals of video editing, learning how to refine and enhance their captured footage. Bolt Studio introduces them to user-friendly editing software that can be easily accessed on smartphones. This includes popular platforms like Canva and VN, which offer a range of features to add visual flair, text overlays, and other enhancements to their videos.


Meet our trainers

Muhammad faiz

Faiz has successfully produced numerous projects throughout his career and his remarkable accomplishments and insights make him a valuable resource for aspiring content creators. As a guest lecturer at his alma meter, Faiz shares his knowledge and experiences, providing invaluable guidance to students looking to excel in the world of content production and visual effects.


With a strong foundation in both technical skills and artistic vision, Aliff's lectures seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practical application. He fosters an interactive and collaborative learning environment, equipping students with hands-on experience using industry-standard software and tools. Aliff's industry connections and real-world insights provide invaluable guidance to aspiring professionals.


Experience the magic of learning how to create stunning visual effects through lighting, unlocking the potential to set the perfect ambiance for your projects. Dive into the realm of mobile editing apps, acquiring the tools and techniques to transform raw footage into captivating stories. Explore essential gear such as tripods and audio equipment, elevating the quality of your mobile videography.


Elevate Your Training

These meticulously curated materials and mementos are thoughtfully provided to our participants, serving as valuable takeaways that extend beyond the training program. We believe in the importance of empowering our participants to continue their creative journeys even after the training concludes.


Unleash Your Creativity: The Training Journal's Creative Cover

Immerse yourself in the artistic essence of our Training Journal’s creative cover. Designed by our talented team, this cover serves as a canvas for your imagination to flourish. With its inspiring imagery, it sets the tone for your creative journey, fueling your passion as you delve into the training program.

Organize and Create: The Training Journal's Content Kit

This journal encouraged our participants to stay organized with the comprehensive Content Kit included in our Training Journal. Inside, they’ll find carefully curated calendars to plan content creation schedules, social media account trackers, storyboard templates to bring ideas to life, and lines for jotting down notes and capturing their creative thoughts. This content-rich kit empowers them to stay on track and make the most of your training experience.

Wear Your Creativity: The Training T-Shirt

Crafted with care, this comfortable and fashionable t-shirt is more than just apparel; it’s a symbol of dedication to mastering their craft. They wear it proudly as they dive into hands-on activities, network with fellow participants, and become part of a vibrant community of aspiring content creators.

Master the Craft: The Training Handbook

Our comprehensive Training Handbook is the ultimate guide to mastering the art of content creation. Packed with valuable insights, expert tips, and practical techniques, this handbook is going to be their go-to resource throughout the training program. From lighting techniques to mobile editing apps and gear recommendations, it equips them with the knowledge and skills to elevate contents to the next level.

Unlock Potential Together

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